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Physician MUST Date Signature on Home Health Certifications & Recertification’s Effective Jan. 1, 2011

The NAHC article below describes a significant change in CMS policy regarding the dating of physician’s signature. Because many physicians when signing the Plan of Treatment (POT/485) often forget to date the document this change (along with all the others that we are facing) could cause you numerous headaches and problems in the reimbursement of Medicare claims. Please read about the change below and implement new processes within your organizations immediately. We can trust that NAHC will represent the industry well and make our case to CMS loud and clear. However, we need to also take every opportunity that we have to stand up and speak out against the regulatory “bullying” that is taking place within our industry! This change is simply not practical and once again places the burden on honest home health providers!


For any questions or further clarification, please contact HCAF at (850) 222-8967.

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