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Carefully read and review the following job description. Once finished, please agree, sign and submit below.





Certification as Licensed Practical Nurse


  1. 1.     The Licensed Practical Nurse shall provide assigned nursing care under the direction of a Registered Nurse, who provides on-site supervision as needed, based upon the severity of patient’s medical condition and the nurse’s training experience.
  2. 2.    The Licensed Practical Nurse shall:
    1. a.     Prepare and record clinical notes for the clinical records;
    2. b.     Report any changes in the patient’s condition to the Case Manager /Registered Nurse
    3. c.     with the reports documented in the clinical record;
    4. d.     Perform assigned tasks, including the administration of treatment and medications, in
    5. e.     the care of the patient.
  1. 3.     Weekly reviews the utilization and progress of the patient with the RN, supervisor and attending physician as necessary.
  2. 4.     Has knowledge of patient’s condition at all times and informs the physician, RN and/or Nursing Supervisor immediately of any change in the patient’s condition that warrants attention.  Also observes, evaluates and reports to the physician the patient’s reaction to drugs or treatments.
  3. 5.     Interprets to the patient and family the expectations of the diagnosis and the nature of the treatment consistent with the action and wishes of the physician.  Interprets to the social and physical factors in the environment that affect patient care, by Registered Nurse supervision.
  4. 6.     Is responsible for the execution of the physician’s orders, supervised by a Registered Nurse, and keeps the physician informed of all pertinent information concerning the patient’s condition and response to treatment.  Give skills of care to patients.
  5. 7.     Other duties assigned by the Registered Nurse.

  I have read and fully understand the Occupational Therapist job description.

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