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After completion of FHB in service curriculum training the home health aide will be able to correctly and safely complete the following care tasks: Good hand washing, assistance with bed pan/urinal, safe ambulation, correct bed making, knowledge on the recommended frequency on change of position for a bed bound patient to prevent pressure sites, assistance with dressing, assistance with feeding, measuring & recording urinary output, measuring & recording blood pressure, measuring & recording pulse and respiration, measuring & recording weight, range of motion-lower extremities, range of motion-upper extremities, assistance with catheter care, foot care, hair & nail care, mouth care – brushing teeth, mouth care – dentures, partial bed bath, perennial care for both male/female and transferring from bed to chair. Transferring from chair to toilet, from chair to bed.


All Aides and CNAs must complete a total of 12 hours in-services every year. Initial/Biannual in-services are accepted as part of your 12 yearly ACHA required in-services.


It is mandatory that you read the Home Health Blog and how to Stop Medicare Fraud to complete training.


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Domestic Violence Take Class
Administration of Medications Take Class
HIV/AIDS Take Class
Communication Aphasia Take Class
Cultural Competence Take Class
Cognitive Impaired Residents - Dementia Take Class
Essential Bedrest Skills Take Class
Fall Prevention Take Class
How to Help Someone Who Uses a Wheelchair Take Class
Nutrition and Meal Preparation for Older Adults Take Class
Personal Care Take Class
Privacy Security Rule Compliance Take Class
Vital Signs Take Class
Wellness Take Class
Patients' Rights Take Class


Es mandatorio que lea el Blog de Salud del Hogar y como Parar el Fraude de Medicare para completar su servicio.


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Como Administrar los Medicamentos Tomar Clase
El Cuidado Personal Tomar Clase
La Prevención de Incendios Tomar Clase
Lucha Contra la Infección Tomar Clase
Precausiones para Evitar Caidas Tomar Clase
Reposo en Cama Tomar Clase